The Legacy of Thorns

An Unexpected Journey

What Binds Us Together - Chapter 2

Keioles is now bound in a body of a human child. The circle with the exception of Ukas Night, which still believes that she is the demon they found.

The building of New Thorns starts slowly. The democratic government structure begins to grow as Lorne is elected as one of the leaders of the new, growing city.

Mountain Blossom Tree is rather carried away, since the got a message regarding his sister, Ocean Dream Pearl, that she is now also an anathema. She seems to be a Lunar reborn. The main problem on this matter is, that she exalted in the Realm. He want to meet her at the island of Gloam. At first he wanted to go alone, but one after an other the rest of the circle joins him on this journey.

When the group arrived at Gloam, they found out, that a delegation of House Venev reside in the inn “schwarzer Eber”. But instead of going directly to the inn the group observes the inn and sees two Dragonblooded. The infiltration of the inn did not succeed and the circle is fighting three Dragonblooded. Ocean Dream Pearl supports the group and afterwards they go into hiding. Taking some detours the group evacuates all members including Ocean Dream Pearl, but they are also learning, that House Venev sold the surviving citizens of Thorns to House Ragara, which is currently training an invasion force.

Since the group fears, that New Thorns is the destination of this invasion, the circle decides to split up. Wotan and Ukas Night decide to return to Gloam and try to get some additional information about the whereabouts of the missing citizens and the impending invasion. The rest returns to New Thorns and prepare for the worst case scenario.



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