Obsidian Snake

Whats his name? ...


Some of his many faces:

Nellens Tiri

Some say his true form has green eyes


In the first, golden Age Ocean Dream Pearl was his lunar mate.

A flashback from his former live in the first Age showed him, that he was responsible for keeping the holy grove a secret. To make sure of that he/she killed the former incarnations of Rin and Mountain Blossom Tree. He isn’t quite sure yet, if these killings were in cold blood or if his former self regretted it.

In his current incarnation he is an infiltrator who worked solely for the guild. Even before his exaltation he was used to masks and false identities, his “name” obsidian snake is his codename in the guild. If the guild needs someone to disappear without attracting to much attention he is the person called for.

Obsidian Snake

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