The Legacy of Thorns

The Turning of Tides

How to make your enemy friends

Our beloved heroes are on their way to New Thorns to defend the town from the pending threat of the Rhagara troops, when Wotan gets an frightful call from his bonded sea beast Swafnir, fleeing its observation post because of the arrival of the undead leviathan, controlled by the enemies of the circle, which speeds the fleet up to land at the shores of New Thorns in one day.
The circle turns on an intercepting course to stop the Rhagara fleet, before the Realm troops can attack and sack their new home, where the former citizens of Thorns now life and try to build a future.
After pointing out the options the circle decides to scout the advancing fleet. Rin, Obsidian Snake and Wotan sneak on the command ship, where Rin and Obsidian Snake save Rhagara Takeshi, a Rhagara commander, whom Melody convinced not to blindly follow orders, but to stay honorable, from the shakles of regret, while Wotan slays the admiral of the fleet.
Using the advanced communication systems of their stealth first age ship and her incredible singing talent Melody sends her message of love, peace and compassion through the whole fleet, which allows Wotan to speak to the troops, reminding them of their true obligation of honour and duty. After a short interference from a dragon blooded commandress, of which Mountain Blossom Tree takes care of with his usual counter argumenting ways, Rhagara Takeshi is elevated to the position of commander of the fleet. While Melody shows the ship crew a new point of view of their own worthiness and importance to Creation, Rin, Obsidian Snake and Wotan take care of “sceptics”. After Mountain Blossom Tree finds proof of the foul treachery of House Rhagara against their on troops, Rhagara Takeshi and the assembled commanders of the fleet decide to defect and seek their future in New Thorns.
Will the circle be able to banish the undead leviathan back to the eternal darkness, where it hailed from? Will they be able to stop the black legion and bring the poor souls of the eternal tormented to rest? Will they safe the day?



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